Tesla owner blasted after filming petrol station prank amid energy crisis

A smug Tesla owner drove to a petrol station with a jerry can as part of a prank designed to mock others who were queueing or panic buying in the ongoing crisis

A Tesla owner has been blasted after filming a prank at a petrol station amid the ongoing energy crisis.

The smug prankster from Swansea, Wales, filmed himself walking into a petrol station with a jerry can, before feigning to remember he drove there in a Tesla.

Then, he turned back to the car saying that he doesn’t need the petrol – and he later uploaded a video he recorded of the prank to the internet.

The clip was soon viewed around a million times on TikTok, and racked up fifty thousand likes and countless comments in just one day.

The prankster, of Swansea, Wales, who does not wish to be named, had used his wife’s car to film the video at a shell petrol station in Llanelli.

He said: “The video was randomly filmed when I was going to work. I saw a big queue at the shell station and I just had to stop and make a video.”

Many found the light-hearted jab at the petrol engine motorists to be in poor taste and blasted the driver.

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One user said: “Driving an electric car during an energy crisis… get off your high horse.”

While another added: “Electricity crisis is next, trust me…”

And another added: “If a Tesla driver is being an idiot, just unplug the charger because they left their car.”

But other users could see the funny side and praised the man for his amusing video.

Stephen Diamond said: “Hahah loving it! Definitely touching a nerve. After owning a hybrid, definitely not going back to full petrol engine.”

Ravinder Plahe added: “Haha good one. Lucky you!”

While another added: “I’ll just whizz around in my mobility scooter.”

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