Sassy French bulldog throws shopping temper tantrum to get what she wants

The French Bulldog behaved like a toddler trying to get their own was as her owners visited the shops – and the footage has left people chuckling

Taking a child to the shops can often be a tricky experience.

They’ll often spot an item and get their hearts set on it, leading to an embarrassing temper tantrum in public.

And it turns out this can also be the case for dogs and their owners.

Belle the French bulldog showed her stubbornness in this hilarious video, after deciding she wanted to take a particular doggy bed home with her.

The clip, which comes from TikTok user @belle_frenchie, was an instant hit on the video sharing platform, with almost one million views and over 50,000 likes in just two days.

The amusing video begins with Belle’s owner putting the fluffy grey doggy bed on the shop floor for the Frenchie to try out, a mistake they won’t be making again.

The Frenchie instantly leaps onto the comfy bed, making herself right at home and deciding there and then that she simply must have it.

When her owner attempts to put the bed back as it is too expensive, he tells Belle to get out.

The amusing clip clearly tickled viewers, with one user commenting: “She be like ‘nooo, we’re going home with this!’.”

Another commenter wrote: “Then don’t show it, if you won’t buy it!”

A third added: “You are coming home with me.”

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